Online Distance Education - VALOR

Mode Of Delivery

VHSM Academic Online Resiliency (VALOR) – the environment does not require face to face contact with teachers or students peers. The delivery of all teaching and learning activities, resources and assessment – all occurs online through the educational platform. To achieve an engaging and effective online learning experience the teacher will embed opportunities for communication and interaction with and between students, teachers and content. 

Instructional Materials (SY 2020-2021)

  1. The use of Learning Management System or LMS will be maximized by both teachers and students. 

We will use a culture-based LMS when we go through the distance learning mode this school year. Having LMS in our school for SY 2020-21 would ensure that our students can continue learning their lessons at home even when face to face classes are suspended.  Parents, on the other hand, would be able to monitor and manage their progress online. The LMS is an innovative system for advancing the Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan mastery of schoolchildren by providing them with endless exercises via the internet. LMS covers all important Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan topics for levels ranging from prep to high school. It also features online books (e-books), tutorials, solvers, games, and trivia that children will surely enjoy. Their unique web software automatically generates an unlimited number of questions on a wide range of concepts and at different levels of difficulty for students to practice on. The software immediately gives feedback on whether a question was answered correctly or not and even provides a solution or explanation in many cases. Parents and teachers can monitor the progress of their child through the online report card provided by the LMS.

  1. Online materials can be downloaded by the learners through YouTube. 
  2. Video Conferencing through various live conferencing platforms. 
  3. All activities once accomplished will be uploaded and submitted online (e.g. Google Classroom)

***In this mode of learning, Nursery to Grade 2 students are required to have an adult student coach (parent, relative or tutor) at home whose duty is to make sure the student is able to attend the synchronous sessions, and do their asynchronous responsibilities. Teaching and assessment will be done by the teachers.  

To learn more about the VALOR program speak to one of our enrollment advisors.

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